Getting Started

By Asad Mohammadi 

Steering Committee, Greece 

ISAVE project is a very important project in my opinion. Every person needs to know their human rights for themselves and if they want to help other people. Being part of the team is very special, as we can discuss the problems and get feedback on when it is a violation of Human rights.

 What I have noticed from the workshop is that our instructors knew the subject very well. While I have done several seminars on human rights in the past, this one was different and it was more informative. The instructors were always in good spirits and explained everything to us even with videos, which helps more in understanding of the subject. It was always pleasant in the workshops. I can say that this particular workshop has helped me a lot to have a deeper understanding of the issue of human rights and the importance of knowing the Law of the country you live in. We were able to raise questions that, some of them, we carried with us for so many years and compared what we have learned with our own past experiences.

Above all, however, was the Q&A section that allowed everybody to clear up their doubts and raise their concerns. Human Rights… One thinks that he knows the term and can actually argue about it. It’s something you hear every day, read everywhere. It is not until you break it down and go through it step by step that you realize how many things you were missing.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, we did not have the opportunity to meet in person with the whole team, which will help us to get to know each member of the team better. I’m really looking forward for the next steps of the project and I’m genuinely curious of our team’s input as it progresses. 

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